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Image by Shot by Cerqueira


Maiz always knew what she wanted to be when she grew up: an artist. Born and raised in a small town with only one red light, she started her music career at the young age of 12 by taking guitar lessons from her neighbor. It didn't take long for Maiz to develop her unique sound and songwriting techniques, which were heavily influenced by her love for pop and alternative music.


Maiz continued to pursue her passion for music by creating her own tracks daily on her bedroom floor with an iPad and phone. When she was 18-years-old she caught the attention of EAZY ENTERTAINMENT, who believed in her vision and helped to bring her rough drafts to life in a studio version. 


The now 21-year-old is a talented artist who has established herself as a rising star in the music industry. Her unique sound and relatable lyrics have captured the attention of music lovers everywhere. With her passion for pop and alternative music, she has created a style uniquely her own. Her journey to get to where she is today has been one of hard work and determination, and she's excited to share her music with fans around the world.



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